Madam Blanc is a collector.
Over the years she collected many impressive pieces of artworks from all over the world. She discovered that by enlarging them and placing them live-size on wall, you immerse in the artwork.

She always refrained from collecting widely used work or use unchanged pieces. Instead, she always focusses on the artwork that needs to be adjusted before functioning as wallpaper. The collection currently includes Japanese wall panels, goblins, chinoiseries, etches and details from bigger artwork.

Madam Blanc was in 2020 by Claire & Hans-Erik after having created several wallpapers based on artwork for their own home. They used details from old paintings & drawings and transformed old chinoiseries & etches. When other people started requesting these wallpapers the idea for Madam Blanc was born. Shortly after they discovered the rich variety of botanical drawings from the 17th – 19th century. By combining these beautiful drawing with antique paintings, they were able to create their own botanical worlds and launched this collection under the name Sir Edward.

In 2021 they used the serene atmosphere of the Sir Edward. collection to create a kid’s collection, because the current offer was often very busy and ‘loud’. The Kikki Belle collection enables children to fully immerse into the world on their walls.

Claire is an adventurous traveller & underwater photographer with a creative mind. Hans-Erik is an industrial product design with a specialisation in men jewelry. In Sir Edward & Kikki Belle they found a perfect synergy for their creative talents.